FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike App Reviews

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Dont bother

Not very good. Crashes and is very slow.


I absolutely hate this! I just wasted 2 stinking dollars on a dumb app! Never buy this!!!! It never works. Its always "cant find eyes" or "malformed multipart error" dumb


Every photo I try gets an error message. I want my $2 back!

Facedouble should have been free..

I should have google search this sooner .. but downloaded and paid the 1.99 for the Facedouble ran it thru my photos and only 1 out of 12 worked and that is no match.. ( my 104 year old aunt to a 22 year old hotty .) all other negative reviews I agree with 100% .

Dont do it

Dont download!!! Is a waste of time and money!! Horrible, doesnt work properly! Wish I read about it first stupid app!!! Grr

Not even worthy of the one star

This app does not work. It freezes on the picture page and wont access albums. I would request my money back but the "developers" website doesnt work either. Dont waste your money


Waste of money


I got this app with the thought that it would be the same as the website I visited on the computer. Its not. Crashes every time I get on it. Quite frustrating. Hope this convinces you not to even try it.


IT almost always says "eyes not found" or "something malfunction" Its a stupid waste when it works it shows u ur look a like and its totally different. FROM MY EXPERIENCE DO NOT GET THIS APP IT IS A WASTE!

Good app but has some glitches!

Good-the look alikes r pretty good! Glitches-says cant find the eyes alot!

Dont waste your money on this app. One of the worst ever!

Dont waste your money on this app. One of the worst ever!


I want my money Id rather have for gas

Warning: Do not waste your money

This app is terrible. The only time it worked was the first time I used it. It refuses to accept any of the pictures in my album and they are all great pictures. Once you select a photo it will tell you that it "eyes not found" or "Malformed multipart post". Sometimes it says that with the picture that worked the first time you use it so it has to be the app. Also if it says who it thinks you look like once you try to suggest another actor for yourself instead it does not let you it just pretends it is loading and it does not work. DO NOT BUY IT. This app is scamming people out of 2 dollars.

Waste of money

Totally useless. Does not work at all and as the other reviewer said it only accept my photo the first time and the match was totally not real.


I forgot to read the reviews and thought this was a cool app, but its dumb! Dont buy this

Dont buy this!!!!!

Wouldnt match my face one time. Useless ap. didnt read the reviews before buying it. Totally worthless. I want my 1.99 back!

Awful app!

It doesnt even work! It wont accept any pictures, either the eyes arent found or something malfunctioned!!!! I want my money back!

Worst. App. EVER!

Ive had this app for over a year & every single time I try to use it it doesnt even work! Worst $1.00 Ive ever spent in my entire life! DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!!

Dont buy!



Wish I wouldve read reviews before buying this. REALLY disappointed. Terrible app, but congratulations for getting my money anyway.

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