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FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike

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开发 TeamSOA, Inc.
1.99 USD

Snap a photo from your iPhone and find out what celebrity you look like. Facial matching will compare your face to thousands of todays top celebrities.

* Vote on matches
* See best matches of the day
* Get badges for,, and others.


For those having trouble getting great matches -- try the following:

1. make sure photo is face-on. Tilting your head or only showing "your good side" doesnt help

2. Lighting should be even across the face and should have good exposure. This can be difficult to do with the iPhone camera; try to find a well lit room.

3. dont wear sunglasses. The software needs to see your eyes clearly.

See the best of matches @ to see how good the matches can get if you are patient. Try a few snapshots; you dont always get the best matches after a single try.

Note: iOS 5.x required for version 2.02